CUUUB ® Business

Take your space to another dimension

CUUUB® is the innovative 3D solution in virtual environments. The combination of a high-performance web system and an impressive indoor viewer creates a breathtaking virtual experience for your customers.

Virtual Showroom

Showrooms are the best way to communicate your products and the values of your company to your customers. But the constant redesign of these rooms is time-consuming and costly. With CUUUB® you will get a globally accessible showroom that you can modify at any time from everywhere.

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3D Arena

Visiting a stadium is always a great experience. Through CUUUB ®,  you have the opportunity to immerse your visitors in the world of your stadium already during seat reservation, ticket sales or even during virtual events.

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Virtual Culture

Educational work is one of the core tasks of cultural institutions, but for this, visitors usually have to decide to visit the institution first. CUUUB ® offers the possibility to convey knowledge to a worldwide audience in a playful and low-threshold way.

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Virtual Building

Many companies and institutions today work with partners from all over the world.  It is often difficult for the companies to visit each other. Through a digital twin of your company by CUUUB ®, you have the possibility to immerse all people in your premises and corporate philosophy.

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What customers are saying about CUUUB

"Starting with a naïve idea of transforming reality into interactive virtual twins, in collaboration with CUUUB we created the ibitwin. It is much closer to reality in terms of interaction and can hence enrich learning experiences from school to university."

Jurik Stiller
Teacher for special tasks in Didactic, Humboldt University Berlin