The incredibly accurate and fast three-dimensional mapping with an indoor trolley and the subsequent processing of the raw data makes it possible to create a kind of "Google Street View" for indoors. Whole buildings can be displayed and walked as digital 3D rooms.

Areas of application are:

  • Indoor-Navigation
  • Guiding Tours
  • Interactive, virtual online shops

Use this technology to realize innovative 3D web shop software CUUUB. The Indoor Mapping Performance is centimeter-accurate with photorealistic 3D models of large indoor spaces.


  • Map 2,000 - 5,000 m2 per hour
  • Immediate web-browser availability via IndoorViewer
  • Online collaboration and interaction


  • 360° panoramic images, combined in a virtual model
  • 3D point clouds & 2D floor plans
  • Sensor data (magnetic field, WiFi signals)

Working progress of CUUUB:

  1. Mapping the rooms
  2. Semi-automatic preparation of the data
  3. Providing the data in the indoor viewer
  4. Configure the web shop and connect it to the Indoor Viewer
  5. Installation of the modules
  6. Launch and done!