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Immersive Learning

Cuuub takes you into the world of three dimensions. Try it out and let yourself be convinced by this new experience.

360° Office Knowledge Management Next

Virtual onboarding.

“Welcome to ... “

Virtual training.

“First steps and exercises ... “

3D E-Learning.

“How does ... work?”

Digital knowledge management made easy.


Information is stored in an online wiki, which simplifies the search due to its clear structure and doesn’t take up a lot of physical space.


Knowledge is collected in a central location instead of many individual documents. Thus, unnecessary wasted time due to long searches can be avoided.


Access is easily possible via mobile devices in 3D, which provides more flexibility, as a laptop or desktop computer is not required.


Tracking who has created which information is possible and those responsible are regularly reminded to update the knowledge.

+ Multisensory experiences
+ Immersive storytelling
+ Available on any device
+ More efficient management

+ Permanent availability
+ External data integration
+ Useful for many stakeholders
+ Sustainable cost savings





360° Utilisation of your Business Processes and Assets


1 Location
Virtual Asset Management
Up to 50 employees
Up to 2000qm²
Personal setup & trainings
Mobile and Web App


Up to 10 Locations
Virtual Asset Management
Up to 100 employees
Up to 25.000qm²
Personal setup & trainings
Mobile and Web App


Unlimited Offices
Unlimited Asset POIs
Up to 1 M qm²
Mobile and Web App
XL Packages

Immersive Learning at Humboldt University, Berlin

What customers are saying about CUUUB

"Something is missing!" Although digital and hybrid higher education formats have been proven an important alternative to classic classroom settings, teachers and students agree that interaction and informal exchange as an essential part of campus life are missed out. CUUUB enables us to transfer this part of academic life and learning into the digital sphere, enabling an inclusive and engaging environment for future digital education.

Dr. Maria Gäde
Berlin School of Library and Information Science, Humboldt University Berlin

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