CUUUB® Business

Virtual Arena

CUUUB ®  recreates a digital twin of your stadium, where  fan communities can interact and enjoy new experiences. Fans and sponsors are offered a totally immersive experience of your home ground.

Virtual Stadium Tours

A complete scan of the arena provides unseen insights for fans worldwide. This implementation of content engages the viewer, immersing them in the virtual world of the club. This interaction is the main difference from conventional 360-degree tours.

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3D Shopping & Merchandise

The previous tile system of a 2D online store is replaced by a virtual 3D eCommerce system. This type of shopping gives you valuable insights into the behavior and interests of your customers. Now let's increase your own customer interactions and revenue streams!

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3D VIP-Events

Stadiums have been used as event centers for quite some time. A 3D scan opens up global event and marketing opportunities for the club and function as an alternative to the traditional box.

3D Ticketing

Ticketing mainly takes place in the second dimension. Yet the view of the playing field is the most important thing. The scan allows a virtual view of the potential seat before the purchase for each individual seat. The seats can then be booked directly and extra services such as catering, transfer to the stadium or overnight accommodation can be linked.

Arena Development

The floor plans of the arena are available through the scans and can be used for future planning and changes to the basic structure. Architects and designers are able to access the complete digital twin, allowing them to look through the different levels in the 3D model. This offers great advantages in the effectiveness of work and future-oriented stadium planning.

What customers are saying about CUUUB

"Our company has been working with acameo since 2016 and we are very satisfied. Especially the fast implementation of customized solutions from CUUUB as well as the always competent consulting and support make acameo a very special company, with a really unique and well-functioning software solution, on the pulse of time!"

Arnold Wenger  
CEO Loom GmbH

CUUUB is everything you need, no plugins or integrations required

Here is what you get with CUUUB

Guided Tours

CUUUB® offers a new kind of user navigation. Guide your customers through the store using point clouds and present the latest products via image, text and video – either live or accessible at any time.

Virtual Events

With CUUUB® technology you can create virtual events for participants from all over the world and get their interactions. The 3D platform with livestream and chat modules in 3D stand out from the grey mass of virtual events.

3D Webshop

CUUUB® is the leading 3D eCommerce system and offers the possibility of virtually strolling through entire city centres, airports and shopping districts. Shopping in several shops and finally paying for all items together is a real gamechanger in the eCommerce sector.