CUUUB ® Product

Take your space to another dimension

Cuuub takes you into the world of three dimensions. Try it out and let yourself be convinced by this new experience.

Virtual Tours

CUUUB® gives you the possibility to guide and advise your customers through the virtual world in a completely new way. You can curate your own tour and implement 3D models, avatars, videos, texts and games which are available on any device.  Take a walk with us through CUUUB!

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3D Shop

More than 75% of people have a greater interest in a 3D shop compared to a traditional 2D store. This type of shopping gives you valuable insights into the behavior and interests of your customers. Now let's increase your own customer interactions and revenue streams!

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Immersive Learning

Online learning and HomeOffice are more in demand than ever. With our kind of immersive learning, people don't have to miss out on talking to the person sitting next to them, nor do they have to miss out on a tour of their educational institution or workplace. Let us teach you something new as well!

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CUUUB®  is everything you need, no plugins or integrations required

Here is what you get with CUUUB®

Virtual Showroom

A virtual showroom allows you to present your products anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Arena

Going to a stadium is always an experience. Why shouldn't that experience begin with buying a ticket?

Virtual Building

Through a digital twin of their building, you can immerse people all around the world in your business or company.

Virtual Culture

Arts and culture often has a reputation for not keeping up with the times. Convince people otherwise with cuuub.

More than just a 3D software.
Our #1 priority is your success.

Customer Support

For a sustainable and optimal result of your cuuub, we are always at your disposal for questions and problems.

Good Quality, not Pricey

Quality has its price. But we guarantee to give you the best quality possible.

Learning Resources

Learn more about CUUUB ®'s previous projects and our corporate philosophy.

What customers are saying about CUUUB

"With our 3D webshop with CUUUB, users can shop online in a real bookstore. They receive recommendations and at the same time experience the large variety of books and the special atmosphere that only real bookstores offer."

Angelika Siebrands
Director of eBuch eG

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